How To Cancel a Voicemail

Have you ever been embarrassed by a voicemail message? Do you have a voicemail from an ex-lover saying something embarrassing or from a friend that was just in a bad mood and left a horrible voicemail? Have you ever caught wind of something bad said about you in a voicemail? It is sad, but true that the voicemail system, invented in 1982 still exists in today’s smartphone world.

The Apple iPhone Voicemail Canceling Service is there to cancel all your voicemails for good! By accessing your voicemails through Visual Voicemail on your iPhone through settings it will delete them altogether. It may seem like magic but it really just science! Keep reading if this interests you.

How To Cancel a Voicemail

How to Erase or Re-record Your Voicemails

You can delete voicemails as well as re-record them to change the content of your voicemail. If you’re not sure how to erase or re-record voicemails, possibly because you have never been able to reach the voicemail menu on your phone, then this guide will help you cancel a voicemail by telling you how to delete a voicemail and re-record a voicemail.

How To Cancel a Voicemail

Method 1: Delete Voicemails from Dialpad

Erasing voicemails is easy if you have a touchscreen phone. Just tap “Options” > “Delete” > choose which voicemail(s) that you want to erase then tap “Yes.” You can also set special ringtones for specific numbers if you wish to be notified when a specific voicemail is received.

How To Cancel a Voicemail

Method 2: Delete Voicemails from Phone Menu

You can delete voicemails and re-record voicemails by dialing the voicemail number and choosing voicemail options on your phone menu (refer to “Dialing Voicemail” for more information). Remember that you will need access to the voicemail of the recipient in order to cancel voicemails.

1) Dial *86 (*VM0 or *86), if prompted enter your PIN, then tap “OK.” If prompted, choose which mailbox you want to check; after checking your other mailboxes, your main mailbox will be selected.

2) Choose the voicemail option you wish to use by pressing the voicemail option number below:

3) Press “1” to re-record your voicemail. Pressing “2” will cancel voicemails completely. Pressing “3” will access the voicemail of the recipient before you delete voicemails or record a new voicemail message. You can also press any number to listen to that voicemail right away. Keep in mind, after you are finished listening, you are returned to your voicemail options screen with all available actions still open to you.

4) To erase voicemails, keep pressing “1” until it says you have selected all voicemails then press ‘3’ and follow further instructions on deleting re-recording your voice press voicemail options: 1, 2, or 3 you will have to press the dial to access voicemails.

How To Cancel a Voicemail


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