How to Disable Touchpad on HP Laptop?

How to Disable Touchpad on HP Laptop

Are you frustrated with your laptop’s touchpad? Is it getting in the way of what you are trying to do? If so, then this post is for you. Here we will show how to disable touchpad on HP laptop.

The touchpad is a pretty neat feature in laptops and can be an incredible convenience for those who like to use it. However, if the touchpad isn’t working correctly or you would just prefer not to use it, then here’s how to disable the HP laptop’s built-in trackpad. After following these steps your touchpad will no longer work.

How to Disable Touchpad on HP Laptop – Shortcut

In many models of Hp, the user can easily disable the touchpad by Double-tapping on the upper-left-hand corner of the TouchPad.

Disabling using the Mouse Properties window is a common way to disable your touchpad. Right-click on the mouse icon in the system tray and select “Mouse Properties” from the menu that appears. The Mouse or TouchPad window will open, and you can click on the tab labeled “Device Settings”. Under this tab is where you’ll find all of your device settings, including those for disabling it. simply uncheck any checkboxes under Device Usage.

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To Turn it off, Use the On/Off Touchpad Switch/Button

Another option for turning off your touchpad is by using a physical switch or button on the laptop itself. This will vary from model to model, so consult your owner’s manual if you’re not sure where it would be.

How to Disable Touchpad on HP Laptop

Steps To Disable Your Touchpad on HP Laptop Manually

Plug in an external mouse or any other pointing device if necessary (this step is optional). Then press “windows key + X” from the keyboard and open Device Manager from the menu list that appears after doing so by clicking on the same button again from the new window that opens up afterward.

Try accessing “Mouse and other pointing devices” by expanding the list of options available under it. If you are able to see your touchpad listed here then right-click on its entry in order to disable it by selecting Disable option.

How to Enable My Touchpad on My HP Laptop?

Open Device Manager on your laptop by clicking (Windows + X) and try enabling the touchpad by right-clicking on its entry in the list of options present under the “Mouse” section. Then select Enable option from the context menu that appears after doing so.

Wrapping Up

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