How to find Hidden Text Messages on Phone

how to find hidden text messages on phone

Have you ever hidden a message on your phone only to find it later? You are not alone. There are many people who have hidden messages on their phones, and most of them do not know how to find them. If you want to find hidden messages quickly, follow these steps below:

Close the app that is running in the background

Clear cache for all apps

Clear data for all apps

Reboot your device

how to find hidden text messages on phone

What Is the Best Way to Recover Deleted Text Messages from an Android Phone?

Android phone users may find hidden text messages on their phones without having to install any other app. It is possible by following certain steps which are mentioned below:

Firstly, tap the “menu” icon and then select the “settings” option from it.

Under the settings menu, there will be an option called “about phone”. It will show the Android version of your smartphone so far open it and tap on it to select more options.

Now, you have to scroll down until a hidden message at or below the android build number gets displayed there is a hidden text messaging application that cannot be removed by just factory resetting the device.

Now that you know how to find hidden messages in an android phone without installing any other app, go ahead and use this method.

Can I see hidden conversations on Messenger?

There are many hidden features that may be available on your Facebook account, even if you have never heard of them before. One hidden feature is the ability to find hidden messages in Messenger. Whether it’s a hidden conversation or just an archived message from years ago, here is how you can find it:

Steps to find hidden messages on Facebook Messenger:

Click the “Messenger” app, which is usually located in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Once you have opened it up, click on the conversation that you want to view from the top of your list. This will show all of your previous conversations with this person under one tab. If they are hidden messages then there should be a small button next time saying “Message” and if not just press closes on them as these would be old archived messages instead.

Click “message” which can either be blue or grey depending upon whether it’s a hidden message or an archived message respectively. Then scroll down as some hidden messages may mean going back a few months or years.

You can also tap on the section of the hidden message to find hidden conversations which are either hidden from your view for privacy reasons, hidden by mistake, or just archived messages.

how to find hidden text messages on phone

How can I find out what my Messenger conversations are hiding?

If you’re looking for hidden messages on your phone, there are a few ways to find them. Here are some of the most popular hidden text message apps that allow users to uncover hidden texts messages and recover deleted messages.

Messenger (iOS)

Facebook (Android)

WhatsApp (iOS/ Android)

Snapchat (iOS& Android). These can all be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play store respectively. Some free versions exist but they only offer basic services with limited features; however paid version is usually well worth it if you want more out of this app! The best hidden messaging apps may also include other useful functions such as deleting incoming call logs, monitoring spyware, etc… So if you want hidden messages, hidden texts or hidden call logs check out these hidden message apps!


Conclusion paragraph: Today, people are using their phones for everything. They use them to stay in touch with friends and family, send messages back-and-forth about plans, share photos of the food they’re eating at a restaurant or party. The list goes on! But what if you want access to some information that your friend is hiding from you? What if there are hidden text messages on your phone you need to find now? We have experts who specialize in finding any type of data stored on digital devices like cellphones and tablets – even when someone tries to hide it.

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