I get it. You’re charging your phone and then all of a sudden, the charging port becomes loose or detached, rendering your charging cable useless. This can be quite frustrating when you are in need of power to make an important call or send out an email; especially if this happens at night when there is no light. Luckily, we have some tips for how to fix a loose charging port so that you don’t have to replace your phone.

First off, check the charging cable head on your device for any damage. If there is any visible damage like fraying wires or exposed metal on the inside of the cable head where it meets with the charging port, then stop using that charger immediately.

How to Fix a Loose Charging Port – Essential Tips

  • Try out a different power source.
  • You can use a charging dock or power bank like this one.
  • If nothing else works, then try gently pushing down on the charging port as you insert your charging cable into it. If that does not work, lightly sandpaper around the edges of where both heads meet to remove any excess debris and tighten up how they connect with each other.
  • If pushing down on the charging port does not work, you might need to change out your charging port.
  • If the charging adapter is broken or damaged, replace it with a new one.
  • Check the cell phone’s charging port: If it is bent or broken, you can fix the charging port by using a small metal rod and bending it back into place.
How to Fix a Loose Charging Port

Wrapping Up

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