what happens if you drive with a suspended license

Driving while having a ban is a very serious infraction. It carries many consequences, including fines and imprisonment. If you are convicted of driving under suspension, you will have to go through the process of getting your license reinstated before being able to drive legally again. This article aims to educate readers on what happens if they choose to drive without a valid license or permit.

The first thing that happens if you drive with a suspended license is getting your information recorded. The police will record your offense, and this data gets sent to the department of motor vehicles (DMV). This process can take anywhere between three days to two weeks depending on which state you are in. As soon as the DMV receives this information they suspend your driving privileges until all fines have been paid or satisfied. You may also be required to attend court hearings regarding traffic offenses, where local judges could impose additional fines based on their discretion.

If you ignore these consequences and continue driving even after receiving notice from authorities about the suspension of license for driving under a suspended license, then what happens next might not turn out so well for you! The police might impound your car. If your car is towed, you will have to pay a fee for its release before being able to drive it again legally.

If these conditions are not bad enough already, what happens if you get caught driving with suspending your license yet another time? The consequences can escalate from fines and jail time up to having your vehicle permanently taken away! Additional offenses may also result in mandatory community service or enrollment into an alcohol treatment program.

Taking extra care of getting yourself back on track after receiving notice about the suspension of your license is very important so that this does not happen again in the future.

what happens if you drive with a suspended license

What is the distinction between having a license revoked and being suspended?

  • A suspended license is a temporary condition. You can suspend your driving privilege for various reasons, including failure to make child support payments and non-payment of fines.
  • A revoked driver’s license is usually issued as a permanent revocation by the state DMV or State court system following certain serious traffic offenses involving alcohol or drugs, such as DUI (driving under influence). In some cases involving an extreme risk to public safety due to repeated violations, the person may receive a lifetime suspension with no possibility of ever receiving another drivers’ license again in their lifetime.
  • If you have been convicted of reckless driving three times within twelve months, your California operating permit will be suspended for one year 30 days minimum if it was not already revoked.
  • A suspended license is the result of a temporary revocation that occurs automatically after an arrest or conviction for certain traffic-related offenses, such as driving under the influence (DUI). However, if you are involved in another violation during this time, your suspension could become final and last until it expires on its own. A person may also suspend their driving privilege by paying fines owed to DMV through their court-ordered payment plan before they can resume operating any vehicle again. If one does not pay off all fee balances within either three years or nine months depending upon which option was chosen at the time of sentencing then his/her ability to drive will be indefinitely suspended.

Is it legal for a police officer to stop you if your license is suspended?

Well, it’s possible. It would all depend on the cop and how much he wants to be a jerk that day. Most likely you won’t get pulled over because cops are too busy out there looking for other reasons to pull people over anyway. They don’t want more paperwork or additional court dates just so they can pick up another non-violent offender who is driving with suspending the license. Driving without a license in New York City will lead you straight into Riker’s Island where your car privileges are revoked until further notice while paying off thousands of dollars worth of fines!


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